Welcome to Rivecraft, home of innovative furniture design

About Rivecraft

Rivecraft [Rīv•K′räft]: A skillful split from tradition.

Rivecraft challenges clients and business partners to push processes and fabrication beyond established standards to develop new product design possibilities along with creative material application. We deliver on product innovation through ideation and design solutions that enable brands to surpass market expectations and energize their customer base without overreaching.   

Rivecraft provides full product design and development services from concept to sourcing to manufacturing. While there is some natural overlap across these areas, we can work with clients to focus on a particular need or manage new product concepts from design through production.

Our goal is to challenge convention. 


Furniture & Product Design

We have the ability to develop original product designs for clients or work in collaboration with your merchandise and manufacturing teams to extend your company’s existing product lines. We also use our broad network in the home-furnishings market to make introduction to new designers and sourcing options as a way of helping a company elevate their product offering in entirely new and unforeseen directions.  

Material Sourcing

We bring our global contacts and material sourcing acumen to bear for your product development needs. Our extensive network of domestic and global sourcing providers enables you to access unique wood species with a special focus on reclaimed, environmentally harvested and certified woods. Rivecraft offers access to rare, limited-availability, single-source material for boutique production runs as well as the ability to identify and secure the reliable supply chains needed to meet volume retail programs.  

Manufacturing Solutions

With experience in both value engineering and design for manufacturability, we can oversee the manufacturing processes and ensure the product quality that your company demands. 

Sales Management

We assist manufacturers, both domestic and overseas, manage vendor-client relations with existing customers and identify new business opportunities. 

Market Intelligence

New product development and customized solutions build excitement in the market and elevate a brand but these opportunities have to be well managed. Rivecraft provides the market research and comparative studies needed to help clients to evaluate a project scope and anticipate both the expense and revenue opportunities of new endeavors.